An Emphasis on Quality Over Quantity

Los Angeles is one of the world’s top fashion capitals.

It’s also home to one of our finest manufacturing partners.


    n the heart of LA’s vibrant Fashion District, one of our esteemed artisan partners produces some of the world’s finest leather and sheepskin outerwear.

“The difference is the love we put into it,” says Jorge, founder and designer at one of the last family-run American manufacturers of premium coats. “At every step, everyone cares about the final product.”

“We’re perfectionists, from the quality of the leathers used to our careful attention to every detail.”


Attention to Detail

The facility focuses on quality over quantity, using only the finest leathers tanned in the best European tanneries.

“Leather is harder to tailor than fabric,” Jorge says, explaining that each artisan-crafted jacket is the product of meticulous attention and many hours of work. “Each leather is different. Leather stretches, and you have to design patterns to complement the unique properties that you’re working with.”

And while they source their pelts from the very best providers each year, only a small selection of the hides are deemed worthy of use in their coats.

Leather cutting is a strategic art. Great care is taken to ensure minimal waste, and that each piece has the right properties for its intended purpose. Cutting sheepskin requires even more skill.

A Passion for Artistry

Generations of tradition are at the heart of this limited-edition facility’s success. In a world of fast fashion and passing trends, they focus on timeless designs with a sophisticated urban edge. And because the coats are carefully handcrafted from natural materials, no two are ever exactly alike.

Jorge’s talented team of master craftsmen share his passion for artistry in outerwear:

“I get very emotional working with leather,” says Juan, a leather cutter with 30 years of expertise. “It’s in my veins. Cutting patterns to make the jackets is like solving a puzzle, and I love the natural beauty of the leathers we work with, the way it all comes together at the end.”

An artisan carefully hammers a strip of leather after gluing it to the body of the coat. This hands-on attention to detail ensures exacting quality at every stage.

Cecilia, the facility’s manager of cutting and sewing, has spent nearly three decades honing her artistry. “I’ve been working with leather my whole life,” she says. “We put so much handwork into the coats we make, not just the leather but even the details in the lining and construction—things no one will ever see but that make the coats better. I’m so proud of our coats.”

Amidst the rapid change and burgeoning growth of LA’s fashion scene, this small, family-run business remains committed to generations-old traditions of hands-on design, cutting, and tailoring. Every single jacket is a work of art we know you’ll cherish for years to come.

“I love my work. I started 30 years ago as a helper in the sewing room, and have been making coats ever since. There’s so much detail and care that goes into them, and I enjoy working on the whole garment, creating something out of nothing, a beautiful finished product.”


It takes a great deal of expertise and hands-on artistry to make an Overland coat. Each crucial step requires a different set of carefully cultivated skills, from pelt matching and cutting to sewing, finishing, and final inspection.

A World of Expertise

Global Craftsmanship, American Style

Superior Artistry and Strong Ethics

An Ancient Tradition of Artistry and Excellence

Handcrafting superb outerwear isn’t simply a day’s work for our international makers, or those here at home. It’s their passion.

Family Craftsmanship, Cutting-Edge Leathers

Have a look inside this Chinese sheepskin slipper-making facility, where highly skilled artisans take great pride in their work.

Where Byzantine emperors and Ottoman sultans once walked, some of the world’s most skilled artisans meticulously handcraft one-of-a-kind coats and jackets today.

Blending old-world craftsmanship with innovative manufacturing techniques, our partner arrives at some of the world’s finest outerwear fashions in sheepskin and leather.


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